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3A 4A 5A Zeolite Material Molecular Sieve Water Adsorption

4A  Zeolite indexes standard:QB1768-2003

Calcium exchange capacity(Dry)(MgCaCO3/g)≥      295

average particle size/D50μm         ≤       3
≤4μm%, ≥      90
≥10μm%, ≤        1
Whiteness(W=Y)      %, ≥95
PH Value(1% solution, 25ºC)      11
Loss on ignition(800±10ºC1h)/h%, ≤      22
Al3+(dry)%, ≥      18
Bulk density  mg/ml, ≤     500
Angle of repose(°), ≤      65
AppearanceWhite, odourless fine powder without caking

4A Zeolite is mainly used on detergent powder take the place of sodium tripolyphosphate as the soft water additives, also used as adsorbents, dehydrating agent and a catalyst. Its role is as follows:
       1, alkaline, there is a buffer effect ;
       2, and anti-redeposition agent is good;
       3, surface active agents have a synergistic effect;
       4, the slurry viscosity, to prevent caking;
       5, good degradation of environmental security.
       In liquid detergents, due to the problem of water-soluble, the amount of 4A zeolite is small, mainly used for washing powder or paste cleaner.

3A 4A 5A Zeolite Material Molecular Sieve Water Adsorption