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425g Canned Fish Canned Mackerel in Brine

425g Canned Fish Canned Mackerel in Brine






ProductsNW(G)DW (G)CTNS/20'FCLPSNote
canned mackerel in tomato sauce155g*5085g2000CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in tomato sauce155g*5093G2000CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in brine155g*5085g2000CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in tomato sauce425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in tomatosauce425g*24255g1850CTNS3-6PCS 
canned mackerel in oil425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCSoil 10G.
canned mackerel in oil425g*24255G1850CTNS3-5PCSoil 10G.
canned mackerel in oil425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCSoil 5G.
canned mackerel in oil425g*24255G1850CTNS3-5PCSoil 5G.
canned mackerel in brine425g*24235g1850CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in brine425g*24255g1850CTNS3-5PCS 
canned mackerel in brine425g*24280G1850CTNS3-5PCS 




Product name

425g Canned Fish Canned Mackerel in Brine

N.W. / D.W.

N.W. 425g D.W. 235g, or 200g/255g/280g as client needs


3-5 / 2-4 / 2-3 pieces in brine or tomato sauce, with/without chili

Tin type

Easy open lid / Hard open lid   7113# tins



Loading quantity



Paper label / Lithographic printing

HS code


Shelf life

36 months

Brand name

OEM(client private label), KFD

Delivery time

Within 30days after sign the sales contract

425g Canned Fish Canned Mackerel in Brine

  • Packaging Detail:

    Canned, Bulk, or as per the clients' requirments

    425/280g per tin,24 tins per carton,1880 cartons per container.white or brown paper carton/ color printing carton


    Delivery time:

    About 3 weeks after order confirmed.