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55-gallon oil drum /200L 210L steel drum/barrel

Product Specification

Product Name

200L/210L Steel Barrel



Height of the lid

20±2 MM

Distance between the bottom and the first reinforcing rib

78±2 MM

Distance with two reinforcing ribs

280±2 MM


571.5±2 MM

Max OD:

585.5±2 MM

Body Size


Paint Material


Body material/factory

Cold roll steel/Ma Anshan steel


Silicon ring

Layer number of Barrel rolls




Hydraulic Test

Class I:250kpa; Class II:100kba; Hold on 5min

Air Density Test

Test Pressure 20kpa,Hold on 5min

55-gallon oil drum /200L 210L steel drum/barrel

  • Features
    1. Select and use domestic and foreign high-quality cold-rolled sheet, ensure the quality of steel drums.
    2. In accordance with national standards for production and have elegant appearance.
    3. Use advanced automatic welding equipment, crimping adopts seven layers or five layers of flat circular edge edge,
    4. Outer coated with amino baking paint; Inner Coated with food grade EPF, PVF, chemical grade PVF
    5. Phosphating coating on the surface, the interior to achieve a higher degree of cleanliness requirements, more solid paint.
    6. Full- automatic spraying and automatic temperature control system of drying, to achieve the best appearance of drums.

    Externally the drums are painted with high quality, specially formulated stoving paint with a minimum 20 microns thickness in 3
    Color or 2 color.Also the drums are Specially Screen Printed on the body or on the top with company logo and / or product details
    as per the approved client design.
    Internally the drums can be supplied with either a primer paint coat, or a single or double coat of a very high quality Epoxy
    Phenolic Lacquer Lining.
    Our Drums are widely used in various industries like :->
    * Paints & Solvents
    * Lubricants & Greases
    * Edible Oils
    * Chemical Industry
    * Dyes & Industrial Cleaning Fluids
    * Ink industry
    * Dry Food & Related Industries