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    Surface FinishFull Glazed Polished/ antique
    Water absorption0.5%
    PackageCartons and Plywood pallet
    ApplicationBoth wall and floor 


    This style tile is our new design product. It has multiple sides with one design. There are different sizes with 600x600mm/ 600x1200mm. This style has two designs: antique surface and glaze polished surface. No matter what tiles you choose to match your home, we can provide a complete set of matching.

    600x600mm rustic/ polished glazed tile design 



    Description: floor tile ceramic
    This series of products is the basis of floor tiles in the powder, in the process of firing into a
    number of crystal frit baked powders are a kind of upgrade; select raw materials, fine grinding
    in the Body material particles, for scientific formula, through the computer system of embryos
    after random fabric calcinations temperature and high pressure, micro-computer full control, from
    the production process of a fundamental decision to superior product quality.

    1.Apply first grade marble stone sample for Reference to ensure that all products look most like real marble stone.
    2.Restore the natural vein of true marble, to built good effect of marble tiles application.
    3.Apply latest 3D printing equipment to produce marble tiles so that can Restore its natural vein.
    4.The surface of it is smooth and level, easy to clean and Maintenance
    6.Most of all, we research and development marble tile ourselves since we have the advantage that we are doing floor tiles business for many years and we also have professional R&D team to develop tile that look most like marble.

    Product feature: floor tile ceramic
    This series of products in addition to good wear resistance with ultrafine tiles, flexural strength, and low water absorption, the appearance of the product, due to be fired into crystal frit, so three-dimensional effect prominent, white the texture clear, natural, delicate harmony and balance without duplication, with impeccable decorative effect, close to natural stone.
    1)Professional ceramic wall & floor tiles manufacturer
    2) Anti-acid and anti-alkali
    3) Durable
    4) Pollution free
    5) Easy to clean, easy to pave
    6) Customize any design you like.
    7) The most competitive price.
    8) Easy to install, anti-dust.

    Advantage: floor tile ceramic

    The advantages of the full polished glazed tile, such as the surface is smooth and bright, the color is symmetrical, the pattern is colorful, very personalized design, can be a variety of home decoration. Secondly, the pattern of the fully polished glazed tile looks very delicate and unique, with no rough feeling and a variety of colors. A very important feature is the long life of the use, because the glazed surface of the fully polished glazed tile surface is thicker and can withstand wear resistance.
    This kind of polished porcelain floor tiles is new generation products based on technology of ultra fine powder system in Italy.

    - All of our products are produced on the most modern line on the world and covered by the best imported glaze on the surface.

    - All of our tiles will pass Strict Inspections before packaging and shipment.
    - Best after sale service, customers can complain with us if finding any mistake with our tiles and we’ll try to support as soon as possible.
    - More than 12 years experience in exporting to make purchase orders smoother.



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