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Chia Seeds - Black and White

Chia Seeds are naturally high in omega 3 essential fatty acids and dietary fibre, chia seeds are one of the most nutritionally rich plant foods. You can add whole or ground chia seeds to your cereal, yoghurt, smoothies, salads or dressings. When you soak chia seeds, they become gelatinous in texture which can be used in porridge & puddings.

We offer Chia Seeds from the fields of Santa Cruz- Bolivia


Available in conventional and organic certified Whole Black Chia Seed and Whole White Chia Seed.


Packaging & Shipping

 20kg, 25kg or jumbo 1000kg PP bags

Company Information

 MASI Trading specialises in the supply of global premium natural and certified organic food & health product ingredients for the international food & health industries.



Chia Seeds - Black and White