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Citric Acid Monohydrate
  • ItemStandard
    AppearanceColorless or white crystals or powder, odorless and tastes sour.
    Assay (%)99.5-100.5
    Light Transmittance (%)≥ 95.0
    Moisture (%)7.5-9.0
    Readily Carbonisablle Substance≤ 1.0
    Sulphated Ash (%)≤ 0.05
    Chloride (%)≤ 0.005
    Sulphate (%)≤ 0.015
    Oxalate (%)≤ 0.01
    Calcium (%)≤ 0.02
    Iron (mg/kg)≤ 5
    Arsenic (mg/kg)≤ 1
    Water Insoluble SubstancesFiltration time not more than 1 min;
    Filter membrane basically doesn't change color;
    Visual mottled particles not more than 3.   

    Citric Acid Monohydrate

    • Monohydrate citric acid is the water-containing form of citric acid. It has one water molecule associated with one citric acid molecule. We call this water as water of crystallisation. This form of citric acid forms via the crystallization from cold water. The monohydrate form converts into the anhydrous form at 78 °C.

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