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Different Size Catfish Feed or Tilapia Feed

Different Size Catfish Feed or Tilapia Feed

Directions for Use

1.According to growth cycle determine feeding feed type, in order to meet the catfish different growth stages 

of nutritional requirements.

2.Do "timing, point, quantitative and qualitative" and according to the weather, water temperature, water quality 

and feeding adjust feeding amount, avoid feed causes too much waste.

Water temperature during 20c to 30c: 3-4 times/day; below 20c: 1-2 times/day; 

Feed rate: 3-5% fish weight for start; 1-2% fish weight for grower;

3.Clear the left feed in time to avoid pollution water.


protein :28% Min

Moisture; 10% Max

Ash: 12% Max

Fat: 4% Min

Size; 1mm---8mm


Stored in a cool, ventilated and dry place 
Shelf life: 12 month 

Different Size Catfish Feed or Tilapia Feed