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High Quality Alfafa Hay for Animal Feeding Stuff Alfalfa / Timothy / Alfalfa Hay
  • We export and supply supreme quality Premium Alfalfa Hay bales Grade A Pellets for animals to the clients spread all around the world. We supply the finest quality and hygienic animal feeding grains. We are large scale producers of Pellets with other animal feed and we export and supply all over the world

    QUALITY : 
        FAIR GRADE 
        CRUDE PROTEIN (ODM)       16-18 % 
        ADF Acid Detergent FIbre        32-35 %   (plus/minus 10 percent)
        NDF Neutral Detergent Fibre   40-44 %   (plus/minus 10 percent)
        MOISTURE :  12 %   MAX
        AFLATOXIN : 20 ppb MAX  
        PURITY :      >  90%
        CHOP SIZE: > 10 cm 
        GMO : Free
        RADIATION : Free
        DRIED : Suncured 
        Late Maturity
        Mid to late bloom 
        Moderate or below leaf content 
        Generally coarse stemmed .  
        Alfalfa hay may show light damage. 
        Bales are free from any poisonous or animal non-healthy products or materials
        If fumigation is required, costs are not included in our prices and will be quoted once the protocol is received. 

    Contact us for more information.
    Best Regards




    CRUDE PROTEIN (ODM)16-18 %
    ADF Acid Detergent FIbre32-35 % (plus/minus 10 percent)
    NDF Neutral Detergent Fibre40-44 % (plus/minus 10 percent)
    MOISTURE : 12 % MAX
    AFLATOXIN : 20 ppb MAX 
    PURITY : > 90%
    CHOP SIZE:  > 10 cm
    GMO :  Free
    RADIATION : Free
    DRIED : Suncured 

    High Quality Alfafa Hay for Animal Feeding Stuff Alfalfa / Timothy / Alfalfa Hay


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