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High quality Welding Material Magnesium Powder For Sale

Magnesium powder
1.Molecular formula: Mg

2.Properties: Silvery white powder with metallic luster.

3.Fire fighting method: In case of fire, use sand, dry powder or No.2 solvent to extinguish. Water, foam and carbon dioxide are strictly prohibited.

4.Storage: The package shall be sealed, lightly loaded and unloaded, moisture-proof and waterproof, and shall be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse.

Magnesium metal powder, silver white metallic powder, active metal. It has the properties of high content of magnesium , spherical rate, bulk density, good fluidity, and small specific surface area.It can be widely used in spaying, coating, anti-corrosion, monocrystalline silicon, polycrystalline silicon, new functional materials, fireworks, medicine, food and many other high-tech research fields.
Product name:Magnesium powder
Appearance:Silver white
HS Code:8104110000
Model Standard:ASTM Standard

1.The high temperature at which magnesium burns makes it a useful tool for starting emergency fires during outdoor recreation. Other related uses include flashlight photography, flares, pyrotechnics and fireworks sparklers.

2.To photoengrave plates in the printing industry.

3. In the form of turnings or ribbons, to prepare Grignard reagents, which are useful in organic synthesis.

4. As an additive agent in conventional propellants and the production of nodular graphite in cast iron.

5. As a reducing agent for the production of uranium and other metals from their salts.

6.As a sacrificial (galvanic) anode to protect underground tanks, pipelines, buried structures, and water heaters.

High quality Welding Material Magnesium Powder For Sale