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Low buriet high purity SCR urea for Adblue/ DEF/ AUS 32/Arla32
Product NameDeluxe version diesel exhaust fluid
VDA Certificate Numbe0001807

Item NO.

Package1000L/ IBC
PE barrel70kg / IBC
Gross weight1160 kg
ApplicationDiesel truck/SCR system



  • Transparent liquid with weak alkaline (ph=9~10), odorless or mild ammonia odor (This product is a catalytic reduction agent selection of NOx)
  • Combined with SCR technology,the fuel consumption can be effectively reduced the emission of nitrogen oxides and solid particles in automobile exhaust.
  • This product is synthesized from ultrapure water and high purity urea.
  • Non-toxic,non polluting and non combustible
  • Simple and safe operation 
  • Application: All SCR emission control systems



Low buriet high purity SCR urea for Adblue/ DEF/ AUS 32/Arla32

  • SCR is an active emissions control system. Hot exhaust gases flow out of the engine and into the SCR system where aqueous urea (known as Diesel Exhaust Fluid, or DEF) is sprayed onto a special catalyst.

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