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Pedi sheep

We supply goats such as  Boer goat, Savanna and Kalahari Red are currently considered the three most important commercial goat breeds for goat meat production in South Africa. Goat meat is often called chevon when from adults and cabrito when from young animals.

Angora goats produce mohair and are shaved twice a year. The majority of mohair producers are in the Eastern Cape and the fleeces are processed and sold in Port Elizabeth.

Indigenous goat farmers and breeders were in the past mainly concentrated in the Eastern Cape province but are now found in Limpopo, North West, KwaZulu-Natal as well as in the other provinces of South Africa.

In commercial meat farming, the indigenous veld goat (IVG) is not as high-yielding (due to its small carcass) compared to the meat goat breeds such as the Boer goat. Indigenous goats are, however, highly sought-after for use in cultural and religious practices and celebrations in South African culture and attain high prices at certain times of the year when these festivities are held.

In addition to meat, IVG milk production is ample, certainly adequate to raise twins or multiples.

Skins and cashmere can also be produced from IVG’s.

Pedi sheep

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