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  • African sandalwood, also known as Muhuhu, is a tall tree found along the coasts of Kenya and Tanzania. It is seen as being a replacement for the more expensive Indian sandalwood. 

    African sandalwood essential oil is derived from the bark of this tree and has many therapeutic properties. 

    African sandalwood oil

    Properties of African sandalwood essential oil

    African sandalwood oil is often used to clear up bronchitis, coughs and chest infections. It achieves this through its antiseptic and antispasmodic qualities. The antiseptic quality prevents and cures infections, while the antispasmodic quality relieves spasms that cause coughs. It also provides effective relief from asthma. 

    African sandalwood oil has calming properties. It relaxes the user, relieving tension and anxiousness while promoting restful sleep. 

    On the skin, African sandalwood relieves itching and inflammation. The astringent action African sandalwood has makes it an effective anti-aging treatment. It tones the skin, lessening the appearance of wrinkles. It can also help prevent the formation of scars and helps fight eczema.