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Soy Hull Pellet
  • Soy Hull Pellet

    Soy hulls are a by-product of soybean oil and meal production. This product consists largely of the skin which covers the soybean. Soy hulls do not generally need any further processing to feed, and is a very cost effective feed for the dairy industry.

    Soy hulls are utilised in the dairy industry as a partial replacement for forage and concentrate. The fibre in soy hulls is rapidly fermented and highly digestible. This is coupled with a very low non-structural carbohydrate content which makes this product a particularly good energy and fibre source, resulting in a very favourable rumen fermentation pattern.

    This product shares many benefits of corn with a low lignin content and very high digestibility.

    Using soybean hulls in a high energy and high starch ration may improve animal performance.

    Dry Matter91%
    Energy (ME)11 MJ/kg DM
    Crude Fibre36%
    Crude Fat2.5%
    Total digestible Nutrients72%

    Feeding recommendations

    Soy hulls can be used without major restrictions in properly formulated dairy rations. This product can be fed on the feed pad, via some in-shed feed systems and on a trough in the paddock.


    Store in a dry area, away from bird and rodent infestation.

    Soy Hull Pellet