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We  imports  fine chemicals, reagents, indicators, solvents, compounds, dyes and stains of a high standard in bulk from numerous suppliers around the world.  After stringent quality control, we re-pack and label them at our own state of the art premises into popular manageable pack sizes for laboratory applications in fields that include:

  • Medical and pharmaceutical

  • Cosmetics              

  • Food and beverage          

  • Mining and minerals          

  • Research and analytical          

  • Clinical, diagnostic and forensic  

  • Petro-chemical and fuel          

  • Photographic              

  • Education              

  • Paints and pigments          

  • Industrial chemical formulations                                            


Our products are sold for "laboratory use only" and may not be used in any way for or as:

  • drugs or intermediates thereof

  • food additives

  • nuclear testing and/or production

  • munitions production and/or testing of any kind

  • household products

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