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Jk copier paper a4 80gsm

JK a4 Copier Papers


Looking for Best Quality JK Paper suppliers in Thailand? your requirment ends here with Paperpress Company Ltd.

It is a popularly used copier paper mainly used to copy or to take print outs as it gives jam free results due to its anti curly characteristic in different machines due to its excellent quality. It is an eco-friendly paper made of wood pulp and gives high performance with ease. It has smooth surface ideal to take print outs on both sides without any reflection shows its premium quality. A dust free copy paper compatible with different machine.

Product Description:

Sheet Size : 210mm x 297mm // 297mm x 420mm international size A4/A3

Material : 100% virgin wood pulp

Whiteness : 102% - 104% natural white

Thickness : 103 - 110um

Moisture : 5%

Opacity : 95%

Capability : High speed copying 100ppm, laser, inkjet and fax capable

Jk copier paper a4 80gsm