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Kalahari Red Goats
  • The Kalahari Red goat is one of the many high quality and productive meat goat breeds, including Savana and Boer, originating from the land of South Africa. It is a new breed in terms of recognition and it is becoming more popular in South Africa and some other neighboring countries.

    The name of the Kalahari Red goats is derived from their red coat and the Kalahari Desert, which spans the borders of Botswana, South Africa and Namibia. This breed has additional advantages over the original Boer goat. They can enhance the hardiness of the animal, the tenderness of the meat and the camouflage and hence the survival of their kids.

    In South Africa, it is considered as an important breed and mainly raised for meat production. Some populations of the Kalahari Red goats are also being developed in Poland for sale purpose


    Characteristics of Kalahari Goats

    It is a very beautiful animal and has similarities in appearance with the Boer goat. It is a large breed of goat with red colored coat (white or light shades of red are not desirable). In their native pasture, the white or light shades of red do not provide as much camouflage from predators. These goats also have strong herding instincts for protection as well..

    They have long, floppy ears and loose skin in their neck area.

    They have moderately-sized, sloping horns above their ears.

    Their skin is fully pigmented, which allow them to forage and increase weight gains through the heat of the day.

    The does have full and properly attached udders and teats.

    The Kalahari Red goats can be used as a good crossbred for increasing hardiness and carcass size.

    The bucks are usually larger than the does.

    Average body weight of the Kalahari Red buck is about 115 kg. And the does on average weight about 75 kg.

    Kalahari Red Goats