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POM plastic granules polyformaldehyde plastic raw material

Polyoxymethylene (POM) granules: POM raw material, one of synthetic resin, also known as acetal resin, POM plastic, slag steel, etc. it is the third largest general plastic. POM is a white or black plastic granule with high hardness, high rigidity and high wear resistance. Mainly used for gears, bearings, auto parts, machine tools, instrument internals, toys and other products that act as skeletons.


English name: Polyoxymethylene (referred to as POM) , (or Polyacetal / Polyformaldehyde / Paraformaldehyde).


Raw material characteristics:  

1, High mechanical strength and rigidity;
2, the highest fatigue strength;
3. Good environmental resistance and organic solvent resistance;
4, strong resistance to repeated impact;
5, a wide range of operating temperatures (-40 ° C ~ 120 ° C);
6. Good electrical properties;
7. Good recovery;
8. It has good self-lubricating and wear resistance;
9, excellent dimensional stability.


POM Application range:  
POM raw materials are high in strength and light in weight. They are commonly used to replace non-ferrous metals such as copper, zinc, tin and lead. They are widely used in industrial machinery, automobiles, electronic appliances, daily necessities, pipes and fittings, precision instruments and building materials.

POM plastic use: auto parts, automotive gears, electromagnetic reversing valves, car end covers, seat belt buckles, car door locks, car seats, shift levers, rear view mirrors, sun visors, accelerator pedals, car handles , water meter housing, faucet shower, baby car brake pad, bathtub handle, razor switch, zipper, faucet bracket, cage, computer keyboard, roller, pulley, bearing, home appliance, furniture guide, hinge, hinge , fax printer gears, air conditioning accessories, buttons, audio and video tape reels; temperature control timers; power tools, garden finishing tools parts; in addition, can be used as surfboards, sailing parts, sled parts, watch micro gears, sports equipment frame accessories , backpacks with a variety of buckles, fasteners, lighters, buckles; heart pacemakers in medical devices; artificial heart valves, vertebral, prostheses.

POM plastic granules polyformaldehyde plastic raw material