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ppc paper suppliers
  • Buy PPC Copier Paper Online

    Are you looking for a premium quality paper? Well, then let me tell you honestly, you are at the right place. Bafokeng Paper Products. is the one-stop destination to satisfy your needs. You are guaranteed to find the best quality A4 and A3 copier paper here. The highlight of Bafokeng Paper Products. is that you can choose the type of copier paper you are in need of from the convenience of your home or anywhere and get the best quality product delivered at your doorstep. Isn’t this amazing?

    PPC Copier paper is the premium quality paper. It also tends to be a multi-functional paper. This paper is suitable for printers, copiers as well as can be used for general purposes. You may be wondering, why you should go for PPC Copier paper? Well, PPC Copier paper makes an excellent choice for office as well as business use. It can be used for documents printing, presentations, reports and daily business correspondence. Moreover, PPC Copier paper is compatible with all types of photocopying systems. So, that’s like a cherry on the cake, isn’t it? 

    Each ream of PPC Copier paper has 500 sheets of A4 75gsm white paper which produces excellent quality print. Talking about the dimensions of the paper, it is H 297mm × W 210mm × D 50mm. PPC Copier paper is suitable for printing on both sides of the paper without any difficulty and assures good quality print. Be it the printing of text or an image, it does it all efficiently and effectively. The image quality on the PPC Copier paper is will also superior. So go and buy PPC Copier Paper online now. We will deliver excellent quality paper at your doorstep. You won’t regret shopping with us. Customer satisfaction is our main aim. Enjoy your Shopping at Bafokeng Paper Products. 


    This PPC Copier Paper is suitable for printers and copiers and all other general use.
    Each ream has 500 sheets of A4 75gsm white paper producing excellent quality print.
    . A4
    . 500 Sheets
    . 75gsm
    . CIE Whiteness 160

    Approximate dimensions: H 297mm x W 210mm x D 50mm

    ppc paper suppliers