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wooden poles for sale | transmission pole prices | electricity pole price

Utility Poles, also known as transmission poles, support overhead power lines and various other public utilities, such as cable, fibre optic cable, and related equipment such as transformers and street lights. It can be referred to as a transmission poletelephone poletelecommunication polepower polehydro poletelegraph pole, or telegraph post, depending on its application. We specialize in the supply of large scale orders and export of utility poles throughout Africa, and globally. Our easy access to the Durban port makes shipping utility poles, to any destination, simple.


All timber utility poles are treated using Creosote, CCA or Tanalith E, in order that they are protected from pests, insects and fungi infestations. Timber that is in contact with the ground, such as the utility pole itself, is H4 treated to a SANS 754 standard, while the cross arms will require an H3 treatment. The lesser treatment is due to there being no ground contact


utility poles come in the following popular sizes: Length 8m – 18m. Top Diameter: 120mm – 240mm. Other specifications are available on request. All R&B Timber Group utility poles are manufactured under ISO9001:2015 certification and to the stringent SANS754 quality controls. As a customer, you can rest assured of our quality meeting the highest possible standard.


We customize  any large utility pole orders with the following:

  • Gang-Nail
  • Drilling
  • Pole Caps
  • Wire Binding
  • Labelling

wooden poles for sale | transmission pole prices | electricity pole price